We all know the situation

A wide range of copyrighted content is available on Peer-to-Peer networks. Almost everything, from blockbusters to music and software, can be downloaded instantly with a few clicks.

One of the biggest problems of the digital age is the Internet piracy. In the last few years, the Internet piracy has increased dramatically, at the same time the righteousness among the people has fallen significantly. The number of copyrighted material that is exchanged illegally on the Peer-to-Peer networks, has in the past 10 years more than quintupled.

About 250 million people all over the world are regularly active in the Peer-to- Peer networks. These people inflict the entertainment industry an economic loss of several hundreds of millions of dollars and are threatening thousands of jobs in the entertainment business and industry.

Ratio of legal to illegal downloads
(music, movies and software) in the United States of America.

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