Our technical process

Under use of our specially developed software, we detect violations against the copyrighted material. The identified violations are documented and securely archived.

Through a special search engine our software identifies illegally offered files in the peer-to-peer networks. In the case of a file being detected, the file will be completely downloaded. After the download has been completed, it will be compared with the copyrighted original. After a positive match of the data, is it released for manual observation. Only after the download has been checked by two different employees with the same conclusion, will the detected data be released for further processing.

Committed to quality

  • Multiple verification processes guarantees the authenticity and consistency of data obtained.
  • A documented, structured and multi-stage quality assurance to ensure the chain of evidence.
  • Maximum data security through redundant servers and closed backup systems.
  • Data consistency through certified authentication systems.
  • Regular audits through authorized experts.
  • Rigid quality assurance and many other technical intricacies.



The Solution