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The Situation

One of the biggest problems of the digital age is the Internet piracy. In the last few years, the Internet piracy has increased dramatically, at the same time the righteousness among the people has fallen significantly. The number of copyrighted material that is exchanged illegally. …

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The Solution

Due to our experience we are able to provide data with the highest quality standards. Thanks to our specially designed software and cutting edge technological knowledge, we are able to automatically recognize, analyze, determine and archive copyright infringement evidence on P2P networks following the forensic standards as required for the legal system. …

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Why Choose Us

We cooperate with several law firms which are highly-specialized in the field of copyright litigation. On request, we will also create comprehensive statistics, reports and graphical reports to download behavior of Internet users on the most popular P2P networks. We provide a customized technical assistance and also assist in the development of suitable protection mechanisms for the protection of the intellectual property from illegal distribution.

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